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My name is Andreas Jaldebäck and I’m the owner of Bilmarknaden Abema KB. My interest in cars and especially classic cars led me to start the company in 1984.From the beginning the business was run on a part- time basis.My ordinary job was a Corporate Credit Supervisor.

Bilmarknaden in Malmö has been selling affordable cars for under 100 000 Swedish Krona for many years. In recent years, the proportion of classic cars has increased, and today constitutes the majority of our sales.

Most of the cars are European from the 1950s and 80s, and even the occasional American one. The cars are in good working condition, usually unrenovated.

While I don’t have a work shop, I cooperate with a number of car mechanics who can provide different kinds of repairs from basic service to complete renovations. For many years I have built up a nationwide network, buy and sell cars across Sweden, and can even arrange transportation.

Most of my customers are nostalgic people born in th 40 and 50 ties, but also many young people who are interested in classic cars, this makes me happy, because it shows that the car heritage is passed on! Bilmarknaden has been recognized and celebrated by both Swedish and foreign journalists.

Welcome and hope to see you soon!


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